Marketing Proposal For Tamara

Tamara! What If You Could Have Leads On Autopilot Without Having You To Chase Them?

Dear Tamara,

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over my “career”, it’s this:

Opportunities like this come once in a lifetime.

And when they do, 99% of folks do nothing…

They just don’t want enough to get a thriving business…

But the bold 1% of folks who do act?

Well, life is often never the same for them.

Here’s why that’s important.

Today, you have a chance to be in that 1%…

You have a chance to change your business forever…

And it’s all thanks to a unique and new integrated direct marketing solution.

That could not only change your business…

But also your life, if you act on it today.

I’m talking about a marketing solution that will automate your marketing so it could brings your more customers/clients in the next 3 months than most businesses see in an entire year.

That’s why I’m excited to share with you what this integrated marketing solution could do for your.

So here are below the detail of the services that will be provided to ensure you have a growing business…Facebook Ads Campaign management:– Develop market research based advertising strategy designed to position you for success in the marketplace.- Develop a direct response Facebook ads strategy based on your initial budget.- Create initial advertisement copy and creative (based on your materials or with creative common stock photos).- Set up initial campaigns on Facebook.- Set up retargeting campaigns.- Ongoing ad campaigns optimization.- Set up a system to track and report all key performance indicators (“KPIs”);- Provide weekly results reporting with all KPIs shown with full transparency.- Driving traffic with Facebook Ads so you can scale your business and get a consistent stream of customers.

Develop a completely automated marketing funnel for your products and services.

– This will include the design/creation of the webpages for communicating with your customers at each stage of the customer lifecycle.- Solve all your technical headaches and confusion by helping you select the right tools for your needs and budget and determine how the best integrate all the various systems together into one cohesive network.- Setup and install web forms or order forms.

Conversion Optimization Analysis & Strategies: It is crucial that the website is optimized to convert as many visitors as possible.- Configure the necessary analytics with a tracking tool like Funnelytics.- Provide feedback and suggestions related to the look and feel of the website or landing page to appear professional and credible yet maintain action focused functionality.- Review and suggest copy modifications on the website to make sure the headlines, bullets, problem identification, value proposition, risk reversal and other key factors of the offer are compelling to the reader.- Analyze and recommend opportunities to maximize sales per visitor thru the use of one-time offers, limited bonuses and other profit maximization strategies.

Weekly Strategy Coaching and Consulting service:– 1 Hour Coaching Calls – We will have a regularly scheduled call to discuss your project and campaigns. We will review together your campaign and identify what’s working and what’s not. Then come up with ideas, strategies and next actions to solve any challenges and further capitalize on successful initiatives.- Mindmaps, Process Maps, Project Plans – As your strategies are mapped out, you’ll have access to various mindmaps or process maps will be created to document what needs to be built.- Guide you on the best strategies and tactics to implement to improve your marketing.- Optimize your lead generation and conversion rate strategies.

So what’s the investment for all of that?First, let me share with you that today… you have the opportunity to access to a game changer marketing solution that could radically transform your business…I’m talking about a marketing solution that can scale your business day after day with a unique and new way to use direct response…

Without you having to take care of all the tech stuff…

And saving you a tremendous amount of time…A solution that could bring your more customers in the next coming months than most businesses see in an entire year…The total package would be an investment of Euro 2997 HT/month.If you’re ready to take the next step today… Go ahead and click the button below.You’ll be taken over a secure order page, where you can review all your information details before the checkout.After submitting your form, we will schedule our kick-off call to start your project and review some elements of your business in more details.This is Jean-Michel. Thank you for reading me.P.S. If you have any questions… Please send me an email and will be glad to help you with your questions.

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